CSS Selector 優先權計算表


Hotmail, Yahoo!Mail, Gmail 郵件CSS樣式表

Guide to CSS support in email clients - Articles & Tips - Campaign Monitor
CSS support in HTML emails of Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail

style element Gmail Hotmail Yahoo! Mail
<style> element in the <head> No No Yes, but...
<style> element in the <body> No Yes, but... Yes, but...
link element Gmail Hotmail Yahoo! Mail
<link> element in the <head> No No No
<link> element in the <body> No No No
CSS selector Gmail Hotmail Yahoo! Mail
* untestable Yes Yes, but...
e untestable Yes Yes, but...
e > f untestable No Yes, but...
e:link untestable Yes Yes, but...
e:active, e:hover untestable Yes Yes, but...
e:focus untestable No Yes, but...
e:lang© untestable No Yes, but...
e+f untestable Yes Yes, but...
e[foo] untestable Yes Yes, but...
e.className untestable Yes Yes, but...
e#id untestable Yes Yes, but...
e:first-line untestable Yes Yes, but...
e:first-letter untestable Yes Yes, but...
CSS property Gmail Hotmail Yahoo! Mail
background-color Yes Yes Yes
background-image No Yes, but... Yes
background-position No No No
background-repeat No Yes Yes
border Yes Yes Yes
border-collapse Yes Yes Yes
border-spacing Yes No Yes
bottom No Yes Yes
caption-side Yes No Yes
clear No Yes Yes
clip No Yes, but... Yes, but...
color Yes Yes Yes
cursor No Yes Yes
direction Yes Yes Yes
display No Yes Yes
empty-cells Yes No Yes
filter No No Yes
float No Yes Yes
font-family No Yes Yes
font-size Yes Yes Yes
font-style Yes Yes Yes
font-variant Yes Yes Yes
font-weight Yes Yes Yes
height No Yes Yes
left No Yes Yes
letter-spacing Yes Yes Yes
line-height Yes Yes Yes
list-style-image No Yes, but... Yes
list-style-position Yes No No
list-style-type Yes Yes Yes
margin Yes No Yes
opacity No No Yes
overflow Yes Yes Yes
padding Yes Yes Yes
position No No No
right No Yes Yes
table-layout Yes Yes Yes
text-align Yes Yes Yes
text-decoration Yes Yes Yes
text-indent Yes Yes Yes
text-transform Yes Yes Yes
top No Yes Yes
vertical-align Yes Yes Yes
visibility No Yes Yes
white-space Yes Yes Yes
width Yes Yes Yes
word-spacing Yes Yes Yes
z-index No Yes Yes
Others Gmail Hotmail Yahoo! Mail
@import untestable No No
IE Mac hack No No Yes
javascript in url() No No No
url() No No Yes
Inline comments No No Yes

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